A sample of some academic and non-academic publications.

  • Kedrosky, P. (2004, June). Feeding time. Harvard Business Review, 18-19.
  • Kedrosky, P. (2008). Entrepreneurs and Recessions: Do Downturns Matter? Kauffman Foundation Education Research. Available at SSRN: or
  • Kedrosky, P. (2009). Right-sizing the US venture capital industry. Venture Capital, 11(4), 287–293
  • Kedrosky, P. (2009). Challenge anyone? Quantifying the challenge system in professional tennis. NY Times, p. A23, , September 20, 2009. (Available at
  • Kedrosky, P. & Feld, B. (2009). β€œStart-Up Visas Can Jump-Start the Economy,” The Wall Street Journal, December 2, 2009,
  • Kedrosky, P., & Stangler, D. (2010). Exploring Firm Formation: Why is the Number of New Firms Constant? SSRN Electronic Journal.
  • Kedrosky, P. & Stangler, D. (2010). The structural dynamics of startups, young firms, and job creation. SSRN Electronic Journal.
  • Kedrosky, P. & Stangler, D. (2011). Financialization and Its Consequences. SSRN Electronic Journal.
  • Kedrosky, P. (2013). Is Growth Entrepreneurship Contagious? Available at SSRN: or

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