Premium Services

Premium subscribers get the same thoughtful, context-creating commentary on risk, complexity, AI, and finance. But premium subscribers also get specific, biweekly ideas that can potentially be incorporated into investment theses and ideas. As former equity analysts, this is serious, empirical, and extrapolative work, not merely "horse race analysis" about which chipset vendor is currently getting more orders.

Specifically, we think through the broader societal consequences of what is going on in economies, how it is likely to play out in the near and longer term, and who will benefit and who will be hurt. We consider risk models, long/short trades, macro consequences, and currency implications. We also make ourselves available, via appointment, for one premium subscriber consultation a month.

Here is a summary of some of the main service items:

Item Description
Biweekly ideas Biweekly ideas with actionable implications
Calls By appointment, one monthly call with analysts
Archives Fully searchable access to research archives

The premium service is currently $500 a year and is capped with respect to the number of subscribers. We will never be a wide-open service and will remain a boutique, idea-driven research shop.

We have had many requests to launch this, so if it sounds like something that you would find valuable, sign up before we reach our subscriber cap. You can subscribe by clicking the link below:

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